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Donate and transform lives!

HHPLIFT is committed to creating job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment.

$16,648 raised

$90,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Help us to transform lives and SPARKCHANGE.

HHPLIFT is a 501c3 non-profit in Chicago with a mission to create job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment, including those most at risk for gun violence, people experiencing housing instability, people re-entering society, those with developmental and physical challenges, the impoverished, and more.

We achieve this mission globally by partnering with social enterprises to bring their high-quality, handmade products to larger channels of distribution. This brings much needed resources and social support to the artisans and their families.

Locally, we create impact through our LIFT line of luxe bath and spa goods. At the LIFT workshop in Chicago, where individuals with barriers to employment are on-boarded at our 1eleven program® to produce, design, and market these goods, with the goal of a career at HHPLIFT and beyond.


Locally, At HHPLIFT, we are founded on the belief that jobs alone cannot lift people out of poverty and great generational change. We see ourselves as the job that starts a career path, in many case for those coming out of the great workforce development programs in Chicago. HHPLIFT hires people from underserved and overlooked communities in Chicago through CARA, READI, New Moms, and more. We provide an holistic work environment, wrap around services, housing placement, and more. A job provides income but not security, and our mission is to create stable jobs and stable, enriching environments for all our 1eleven program team members.

To this end, we are launching the HHPLIFT emergency fund.

Our 1eleven team members often need support (medical, financial, transportational, housing-based, and more) that goes beyond our usual fundraising efforts. We have create a fund to invest in just these important efforts to allow for their success and the success of generations to come. These dollars go directly to support our team members and achieving our mission of creating jobs that transform lives.