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Donate and transform lives!

HHPLIFT is committed to creating business and employment opportunities for artisans in need.

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Help us transform lives!

Around the world, there are countless talented artisans struggling to achieve even the most basic of human needs. Some are artisans in impoverished countries, others are homeless veterans, troubled youth, the blind and visually impaired, or adults with developmental delays.

That's where HHPLIFT comes in.

We partner with social impact organizations in the US and around the world to provide job opportunities for those in need. These individuals include artisan bowl-makers in India, expert women weavers in Colombia, jewelry-makers in Ecuador and Chile, homeless veterans in Chicago, and many more.

Take for example our artisan partners in Cambodia. The majority of artisans are women, many with small children, who had never had any job training or experience before, let alone a job with a income to support their family. HHPLIFT supports the artisans by selling their products to individuals and companies that they would never have access to before. These purchases help to provide:

  • Daycare for the artisans' children
  • Healthcare
  • 13-month annual salary (an extra month of pay!)
  • Economic independence and empowerment
  • An end to human trafficking

We are so passionate about lifting people out of poverty, we even have our own bath and spa line to create jobs right here in Chicago, 1eleven®. At 1eleven®, individuals with barriers to employment are on-boarded to produce beautiful spa goods. They are quickly cross-trained through our leadership and job creation program to learn all facets of HHPLIFT's business with the goal of success at HHPLIFT and beyond.

We are dedicating 2019 to growing our organization and helping more people than ever before. But we can't do it alone. We need your help to employ more people, enhance our job readiness program, and give our staff and artisans opportunities they never dreamed possible.

Communities around the world, and right here in Chicago, have been lifted out of poverty thanks to the work of HHPLIFT. Won't you join us and make these success stories a reality for more people in need?

Your donation will be be used for:

  • Improvement to the facilities at the 1eleven facility, allowing for additional employees
  • New artisan partners for HHPLIFT, proving them with the business tools, materials and channels to produce and sell their products worldwide
  • Expansion of the 1eleven by LIFTTM line of spa goods
  • Funds to support our job training, mentoring and stewardship programs that give individuals the skills, guidance, training and tools they need to maintain long-term employment, improve professional communication and even become entrepreneurs